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Signorvino, in view of Christmas, “gives itself” Paris: the opening on December 1

Three floors at Place Saint Michel, with 2,000 labels. More than 30 stores for the wineshop chain, which has already landed in Prague
Signorvino, in the run-up to Christmas, “gives itself” Paris: opening on December 1

It’s official: Signorvino, the “great Italian wineshop”, is also coming to foreign countries. The famous wineshop chain, founded by Sandro Veronesi, opened, in Prague, on November 9 and will open in Paris on December 1 (WineNews will also be there, to tell the story). In the French city, the sign will occupy three floors of a very central building in Place Saint Michel, in the heart of the Latin Quarter. With Signorvino, the excellence of Italian food and wine arrives in Paris: also abroad, the Italian sign will maintain its popular formula that combines a wine shop that can count on more than 2,000 references and a gastronomic proposal that starts from territorial excellence, to give life to a menu that pays homage to the quality and flavors of Italian tradition.
“With the opening in Paris, we symbolically conclude an intense “journey into taste” that began in Verona: we are always looking for new flavors and happy to bring with us the excellence of our territory”: explains Federico Veronesi, head of Signorvino. An opening that was wanted and dreamed of, a milestone that is also a starting point for a chain that has more than 30 stores in Italy and now in the world, with Prague (from November 9, in the Westfield Chodov shopping center) and especially Paris, as explained, in recent days, to WineNews, by Luca Pizzighella, at the head of the wineshop chain, with the idea of reaching 50 stores as soon as possible, perhaps by 2025.
The Prague and Paris venues, like all the others, are also planning themed events, tastings, and meetings with producers in the “Taste Journey” project.
“An unforgettable journey begins before even setting out, imagining routes, planning stops, dreaming of destinations, listening to tales of firsthand experience, already relishing the pleasure of discovery to come. This is, perhaps, the most exciting moment of a journey: it is an invitation to explore with imagination the beauty to be encountered. Signorvino, the “Great Italian Wineshop”, born in 2012, from the idea of Sandro Veronesi, has always invited enthusiasts to travel among the flavors and fragrances of Italian and European cuisine and wine traditions”, explains a note, “an experience that is always new and each time different, to be imagined, chosen and started in search of new olfactory boundaries”.
“Taste Journey” is a journey that began with the search for virtuous productions and happy expressions of Italian viticulture, with the aim of building an itinerary capable of telling stories of courage and passion, all in the sign of full narrative and gustatory understanding. “Signorvino now represents a point of reference for all wine and food enthusiasts and for all those who have the curiosity to discover this magical world with ease, having fun”, adds Federico Veronesi, “and experiencing the best of Italian production. “Taste Journey” is a true manifesto of Signorvino, a concept that allows us to express our desire to explore the incredible food and wine heritage of our country”.

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