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Signorvino Observatory: in 2023, Franciacorta, Amarone and Champagne “champions” of sales

Bubbles and reds on the podium by value, but also volume (with Prosecco, Ripasso and Franciacorta). 2 million bottles sold for 83 million euros

Franciacorta (10%), Amarone della Valpolicella (9%) and Champagne (8%) lead, on the podium, the “top 10” of value sales, Prosecco (14%), Valpolicella Ripasso (7%) and again Franciacorta (6%) excel, instead, in the ranking of the best 10 wines by volume sales: the double view, highlights how some labels, year after year, continue to play a leading role in purchasing preferences, and how, in particular, bubbles and reds are the main drivers. Word from the Signorvino Observatory, which, in analyzing the best-selling wines in 2023, photographs the consumption habits of wine lovers in the various sectors examined (retail, restaurant and e-commerce), in its 36 points of sale (8 more on 2022, including 2 abroad, Prague and Paris, both opened in December 2023) and from the e-commerce site, a reference point in the wine market. And which, overall, recorded a turnover of 83 million (of which 1.5 million came from online sales) thanks to more than 2 million bottles sold (+15% retail, +8% online). In particular, the “Great Italian Winery” put up a percentage of +20% online sales, +25% wine store sales, +44% O2O (On-Line-To-OffLine, i.e., the ability to buy in store and have your order delivered to your home or vice versa). And by 2024, Signorvino plans to increase its business to a turnover of 86 million.
Scrolling down the “top 10” in value sales, at the foot of the podium there is again Valpolicella, with Ripasso (5%), followed again by bubbles and the great reds, with Prosecco (5%) and Brunello di Montalcino (4%) and Barolo (4%), then Lugana (3%), the only white in the ranking closed by Trento Doc (3%) and Primitivo (3%). In the “top 10” by volume, at the foot of the podium are, however, Primitivo (5%) and Lugana (5%), followed by Amarone (4%) and Valpolicella (3%), then Prosecco Valdobbiadene (3%) and Chianti Classico (3%) and, finally, Nebbiolo (3%).
Two million people are served with an average receipt ranging between €14 and €19.9, and with an average price of €16.86 (€13.39 is the online price). Interesting is the sales trend that sees a boom in requests related to Champagne and sparkling wines, while Amarone (fifth best-selling wine) followed by Prosecco and Barolo rank among the most searched wines online.
Catering, wine shop, e-commerce: thanks to these channels Signorvino has established an increasingly significant relationship with customers, who appreciate the brand’s proposal in its entirety and across multiple channels, as confirmed by the enrollment figure in the Loyalty program (+65% over 2022). “We are prepared for a new year full of events, insights and stories. We will tell many stories, inspired by our customers’ preferences, and we will remain faithful to our purpose: to spread knowledge about Italian wine excellence, giving visibility to both big names and small innovative realities”, explains Federico Veronesi, owner of Signorvino together with his family, the Great Italian Wine Cellar of the Oniverse Group born in 2012 from an idea of Sandro Veronesi, with more than 2,000 labels representative of the Italian territories with the greatest wine vocation, big names and very small companies that are often unobtainable, in the most iconic and central points of the main Italian cities.
“2023 was a year of important milestones both in Italy and, for the first time, abroad as well”, concludes Luca Pizzighella, general manager Signorvino, “with our Observatory we want to anticipate trends, but also to focus on certain Denominations or types of wine to be discovered by our audience. This is because the Italian territory offers exceptional wines everywhere”.

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