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State-Regions Conference, agreement reached for the protection of heroic and historic vineyards

These are those vineyards on land with a slope of more than 30%, or with a production previous to 1960, which could now have a national brand

After long discussions, exchanges of ideas and bureaucratic blocks, an agreement has been finally reached in the State-Regions Conference, on the preservation of heroic vineyards, namely those on land with a slope of more than 30%, in areas where conditions create impediments to mechanization, in territories with an altitude of more than 500 meters, with plants on terraces or situated in small islands, and historic, whose production is prior to 1960, with traditional forms of treatment, with historical or particular arrangements landscape value, belonging to areas registered in the National Rural Landscapes Register or recognized by Unesco.

It is a fundamental element for the protection of unique areas, and for the enhancement of those companies that with commitment and attachment to tradition keep alive ancient practices. “And it is often - commented Leonardo Di Gioia, Coordinator of the Commission for Agricultural Policies of the Conference of Regions and Autonomous Provinces, and Councillor of the Region of Puglia - companies that with their labels are the flagships of a wine production of the highest quality. As Regions - said, Di Gioia - we will also carefully follow the next steps, in fact, the decree provides for a further provision for a national brand for heroic or historical viticulture. There has been a good job of sharing with the Ministry - continued Di Gioia - and the measure has incorporated all the proposals of the Regions. The recognition of this kind of vineyards - concluded Di Gioia - will mean for companies the possibility of benefiting from a part of the funds provided by the National Programme to support the wine sector that, in the last reshaping, provides for about 337 million euros for all the measures planned.

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