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The charm of the Langhe conquers Hollywood and has fascinated actor John Turturro

In Turin for the debut of his Rigoletto, he visited Barolo WiMu and tasted the wines and cuisine together with producer Paolo Damilano
Paolo Damilano and John Turturro in the Langhe vineyards

The charm of the Langhe has conquered Hollywood. The guest of honor at WiMu, the Wine Museum in Barolo, and in the most prestigious vineyards in Italy, was the famous American actor of Italian descent, John Turturro, star of dozens of popular films, from the most recent ones like the various series of the Transformers saga, directed by Michael Bay, but also films like The Color of Money by Martin Scorsese, The Big Lebowski by the Coen brothers, and more, directed by masters of the caliber of Woody Allen and Spike Lee. Turturro was born in New York, but has had Italian citizenship since 2011 (his father was from Puglia and his mother was Sicilian), and was in Piedmont for the debut of his Rigoletto at the Teatro Regio in Turin. This was a return to Piedmont, which he had visited and greatly appreciated during the filming of the movie, La Tregua by Francesco Rosi.
Paolo Damilano, in the dual role of wine producer of the historic winery Damilano and president of the Barolo & Castles Foundation, was Turturro’s guide.
Together with the mayor of Barolo, Renata Bianco, Turturro enjoyed a long visit at the museum admiring the exhibitions arranged by François Confino, lingering mainly in the rooms that narrate the story of wine through many civilizations.
“I was profoundly impressed and fascinated by these territories and by the story of wine throughout history, from the Egyptians to the Celts, to present day”, said the actor and director, “I did not know all these stories and I had never been in these magnificent hills , even though I had already tasted Barolo and Barbaresco wines. However, tasting it here has another flavor and I thank you for this experience”.
Prior to visiting the museum, Turturro visited the Damilano Winery in the village and had lunch at the Locanda in Cannubi restaurant, on the famous Barolo hill. It was the first time in Langa for him, but not in Turin, where he had been years ago to shoot the film "La Tregua" by Francesco Rosi. “Piedmont is a wonderful region, of which I appreciate its literature, Italo Calvino, Primo Levi, Cesare Pavese”, added Turturro, “it was interesting to discover another important facet of this land today, its landscapes, its economy and its wine men”.
“It was an extraordinary day, in which we showed one of America's top and famous actors our landscapes in all their beauty and that he appreciated very much”, commented the president of the Barolo & Castles Foundation, Paolo Damilano “while we were fortunate to meet an outstanding artist, a kind and helpful man of great culture - traits that distinguish successful people. This visit was also an opportunity to collaborate with the Teatro Regio and the superintendent William Graziosi, in synergy with the Langhe and Turin in the name of tourism and culture, which is good for all of Piedmont. It is also the opportunity to kick off the new season of the museum, which will reopen its doors on Saturday after the winter break and we hope it will enjoy another excellent year”.

This territory is already famous around the world and, from today on, it can count on another “VIP ambassador”.

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