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The Doc Roma pushes on the promotion, between videos, a new website, and the restaurants of the “Eternal City”

The new initiatives of the Consortium, with the Chambers of Commerce of Rome and Lazio. Renato Brunetta, producer, and former Minister: “explosive potential”

The Consortium for the Protection of Roma Doc pushes on the accelerator of the valorization of its production (now close to 2 million bottles, ed), inextricably linked to the charm, beauty, and fame of the “Eternal City”, and of that Rome that was “Caput Mundi” and spread vine cultivation throughout Europe with its empire, forging a collaboration with the Chambers of Commerce of Rome and Lazio, from which the creation of two indispensable tools for a greater knowledge of wines of the Denomination arrived: a promotional video - which highlights the combination of history and charm of Rome, the Eternal City and the wine-growing heritage of the territory - and the new portal www.vinidocroma.com, dedicated to illustrating, as the title states, “The value of a name”. The agreement was presented in Rome during the talk show “Roma Doc: new tools for promotion and dissemination”, in the Cloud - Rome Convention Center, during the “Excellence Food Innovation” event, in which former Minister Renato Brunetta, producer of Roma Doc, with his company Capizucchi and the Mater Divini Amoris brand, played a key role. The portal www.vinidocroma.com currently offers the English version - explained Flavia d’Auria of the Chamber of Commerce in Rome - but allows for the introduction of other languages, including Renato Brunetta’s suggestive proposal made during the project presentation to also offer the translation into Latin. “A language that perhaps few would be able to understand - observed Brunetta - but with a Guide in Latin certainly everyone would talk about us because they are the only ones in the world to do so!”. The portal will also offer the 47 wineries of the Consortium the opportunity to hold business-to-business meetings online and to upload the most interesting news. “Wine and Rome is an extraordinary combination with explosive potential - underlined Brunetta - we are talking about the area considered to be the most suitable for wine in the Mediterranean area. The wine was familiar and renowned in this area since the Etruscan and Ancient Roman settlements, yet we are still talking about promotion. It is truly a paradox. But it is useless to cry over spilled milk, over missed opportunities for growth - added Brunetta - the Consortium has been working well since its inception (it was created on June 27, 2018, ed.), but there is still a long way to go”. “The main goal of the portal is to promote DOC Roma wines in Italy and abroad - said Pietro Abate, secretary general of the Rome Chamber of Commerce - it will allow you to get to know the companies, the wines, and also from a perspective of territory promotion to discover the wines of the Doc Roma”. In the portal, it will be possible to explore the territory, the vines, the companies, the consortium, and the history. The millenary history of wine produced in Rome is based on the indissoluble connection between territory and time, man, and history. We support various agri-food sectors in the region – continued Abate - and we had wanted to approach this supply chain for some time, but it was a difficult path due to the sector’s high demands in terms of numbers, dimensions, culture, and traditions. However, it is a very important sector that could not be overlooked. In our future projects, there is also that of organizing a competition dedicated to the best wines of Rome and Lazio”. Brunetta explained to Winenews the next projects the Consortium is embarking on: “we will enhance the portal - he told us - by inserting the Guide of La Repubblica on Roma Doc wines. The Guide, released in September 2019, will be updated and translated into English, perhaps also into Chinese and Latin. Furthermore, we will bring Doc Roma to all 10,000 restaurants, wine bars, and hotels in the metropolitan city of Rome. This will be another big step forward”.
“From 2018 to this day we have grown, when we were said bad, beyond two figures - observed Tullio Galassini, president of the Consortium for the protection of Roma Doc wines - today it is the production and transport costs that are holding back our growth, which however is recognized by the consumer. We will certainly try to get more attention from the Capitoline and Lazio restaurants, also because one cannot fail to respect one’s own territory”. Galassini underlined, to Winenews, the promotional commitment of the Consortium, always present in the major events and fairs. “But above all - the president of the Consortium told us - we must be better known in our area. It is not possible that we are not known in Rome, it is not possible that in Rome you drink everything except the Lazio product because our wines are good, and certified, we control the supply chain among the best in Italy, so we can only grow up. As, after all, we are doing already, we are significantly growing year after year, from 500,000 bottles to nearly 2 million.

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