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The expressionist art of Johannes Heisig in the label of Nittardi’s Chianti Classico

The partnership between art and wine has brought Guenter Grass and Yoko Ono’s works into the bottle. Bacchus and Sibyl tell about Vigna Doghessa 2018

A Bacchus crowned with olive leaves offering a glass of wine to Sibyl, prophetess and muse of artists from every era. Strong and contrasting colors, which capture the deepest soul of the subjects, offering a vivid and almost sensual experience: this is how the German artist Johannes Heisig, known for his atmospheres of expressionist inspiration, outlined by strong strokes and contrasting colors, told the Chianti Classico Casanuova of Nittardi Vigna Doghessa 2018, the most precious cru of the vineyards of Nittardi, at 450 meters above sea level. This is a renewal of one of the most historic partnerships between art and wine on the Italian scene, which since 1981, has seen artists of great international renown (from Emilio Tadini to Valerio Adami, from Guenter Grass to Dario Fo, Nobel laureates for literature, from Yoko Ono to Eduardo Arroyo, from Igor Mitoraj to Allen Jones, among the others), “dress” the Chianti Classico of the famous Nittardi winery, whose vineyards were owned by the great Michelangelo Buonarroti, and today by Peter Femfert, Stefania Canali and their son Léon Femfert, who has been running the winery since 2013.
“It’s a classic vintage, we had a cold and snowy winter, an appropriately rainy spring and hot but not too hot summer. The period up to the harvest (two days of intense picking, September 17 and 18) was kissed by a dry climate with significant temperature swings”, says Léon Femfert, the second generation of the estate. “The works that Johannes Heisig, a sensitive observer of the world, has dedicated to our Chianti Classico 2018 are a hymn of love to the land and its fruits, which seduce and bring joy”, adds Peter Femfert, Léon’s father and an important German gallery owner, who has brought together, in this union, his great passions, art and wine.

Focus - Johannes Heisig, the signature on Vigna Doghessa 2018
Johannes Heisig, born in 1953 into the famous German artist family Heisig, established himself as a university professor and artist, and today is famous in his homeland and abroad for his personal language of expressionist inspiration, which combines masterful technique, experimentation and complex content. His themes range from the most dramatic pages of German history to the psychological investigation of portraits, without forgetting the depth of landscapes. His works are exhibited in the most important German and European museums.

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