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Veneto is driving Italian exports at 25%, and almost the same for wine production

1.6 billion euros in exports in the first 9 months of 2019, more than a liter of Italian wine produced of Prosecco, Amarone, Soave, Pinot Grigio
The vineyards in Valpolicella

Veneto has been confirmed the driving force of Italian wine with its Amarone and Prosecco, Soave and Pinot Grigio delle Venezie, just to name its most famous wines, especially as far as exports go. The Veneto Region also confirmed the numbers during the “Veneto Wine Triptych”, presented today at the Collis Group Winery of the Berici Hills, in Lonigo. In 2019, wine exports from Veneto around the world reached a value of 1.6 billion euros, making it not only the number one Italian region, but also the “fourth world power” following its own country Italy, France and Spain. Its incredible wealth comes from 97.347 hectares of vineyards, equal to almost one in six of the national total. Plus, in 2019 it produced 10.9 million hectoliters of wine, more than one in five (even though there was an 18% production decline compared to 2018).
“For several years now, the Veneto wine sector has been the driving force and the numbers presented today confirm it. There are, however, many things to worry about, which at the moment are called US duties and Brexit. To overcome any future uncertainties on the markets, the main priority will be to know how to build a team, and of course continue to focus on product quality in conformity with regulations. And, there will definitely be no room for the “smart alecs” - those who make the sector lose credibility”, commented the Councilor for Agriculture of the Veneto Region, Giuseppe Pan.

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