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Vinarius: Italian wine shops increasing turnover on average 350.000 euros a year

According to the Italian Wine Association, training is increasingly essential to improve the relationship between wine-makers and consumers
Vinarius data: Italian wine shops increasing turnovers on average 350.000 euros a year

Italian wine shops are not only growing in number, they are also increasing their turnovers. This is undeniably an encouraging sign, as Vinarius, the association that groups over 100 wine shops in Italy, has emphasized. There are 7.278 wine shops today, in Italy, which have recorded +14% growth between 2010-2018 (and + 8.7% in the last 5 years alone), as the Milan, Monza Brianza Lodi Chamber of Commerce and the Italian farmers association, Coldiretti, study revealed, which WineNews had also reported not long ago. The sector employs over 7.800 employees and yields a turnover of more than 280 million euros a year. And, now the Vinarius data has further revealed that each one of its affiliated wine shops yields 350.000 euros in turnover a year, on average, showing 15% growth in the last 5 years.
“When we look more into the details of the data from Coldiretti and those related to our Association”, explained the President of Vinarius, Andrea Terraneo, “we note that Italian consumers are searching more and more for quality, and the wine shop is the place they prefer to find specialized trade of good wines. This figure also includes the results of our recent survey on sales during the Christmas period, which revealed that in the last five years sales in wine shops have increased for all the types of wine analyzed (red, white, sparkling and dessert) obtaining even up to +20%”.
The membership base is growing (+12% from 2012), and is channeling all those who want to increase their knowledge and expertise in a dynamic and continuously developing sector. In order to confirm, in no uncertain terms, the important role that the professional wine dealer has been covering more and more over the years, Vinarius has created, with much satisfaction, and which it vigorously supports, the Italian Association of Wine Professionals (AEPI). Furthermore, at the end of October 2018, it obtained registration (and was the only association of the entire wine supply chain) on the list of the Ministry of Economic Development of Associations, which issues a certificate of quality and professional qualification of the services rendered by its members.
“In the last few years the Association”, continued President Terraneo, “ has invested a great deal in training, as it is fully aware that only by means of the process of cultural evolution will the wine world be able to lead an intelligent and conscious approach on the more general theme of food. To this end, therefore, we are implementing a whole series of activities, ranging from the organization of study trips to in-depth workshops at the various production sites in order to create an ever closer, more attentive and quality relationship between the wine dealer and the final consumer”.

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