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Wine and “GenZ”: under-25s approach the market with distinctive characteristics

According to Agivi (Unione Italiana Vini), they are multitasking, sensitive to environmental issues, well prepared, and intrigued by the packaging
Young people and wine (Ph: Kelsey Chance via Unsplash)

The under-25 consumer group, which will largely determine the future success of wine producers, is beginning to appear on the made-in-Italy wine scene. In fact, 8 out of 10 young winemakers already find the presence of “GenZ” among their customers, who turn out to be interested in an integrated experience between digital and personal contact, sensitive to environmental issues, on average well prepared and intrigued at first glance by packaging. This was revealed by a survey in the “Young to Young” key, signed by Agivi-the association of young Italian wine entrepreneurs of the Unione Italiana Vini (Uiv)-which involved 65% of Uiv member wineries, in Wine2Wine 2022, at Veronafiere yesterday.
According to the survey data, although the impact of e-commerce retailers is good or high for 7 out of 10 young winemakers, almost all (92%) believe it is not enough to retain these consumers. Offering an integrated experience and winery visits rank first (49%) among the strategies to complement digital, followed by the need to offer personal, vis à vis contact (27%) and the use of effective forms of communication and entertainment (14%).
According to producers Tommaso and Alvise Canella, who spoke at the panel, “we are looking at a multitasking generation that is extremely social and subjected to constant information overload, which demands authenticity and attention, but is also very concerned and involved in social issues”. In fact, variables pertaining to sustainability turn out to be at the top of the list of curiosity of “consumer Z” (followed by winery practices and marketing), and two-thirds of Agivi members find a good (59%) or high (8%) degree of interest in green issues, which affect a great deal (61%) or very much (15%) their purchase. Overall, the estimated level of preparedness of these new under-25 consumers is sufficient (with grades between 5 and 6) for more than half of the members (52 percent), good for only one in four”.
“The perception is of an evolving consumer: in fact, 56% of our members expect a change in consumption trends. Alongside these”, commented Marzia Varvaglione, vice president of Agivi, “are 36% supporters of a growth in wine lovers among “GenZ”, with whom it will be crucial to use colloquial and energetic language. According to our experience, packaging plays a key role in winning under-25 portfolios: it is considered very (46%) or very much (49%) important by almost all respondents”. Next among purchase drivers is curiosity about blend, history or geography, considered a motivational driver for 87% of respondents (48% a lot, 39% very much). On the export front, for 1 in 2 young winemakers, importers seem to devote a good level of attention to intercepting GenZ tastes, while 30 percent believe that the consideration given to this market segment is sufficient. In particular, Agivi members believe that finding the right product for consumers under 25 is very or very interesting in 77% of cases when it comes to the United States, 64% of cases for the Japanese market, and 61% of cases for the Korean market. Ultimately, “this is a new but fundamental target of consumers, a market segment of crucial importance”, according to Agivi president Violante Gardini Cinelli Colombini, “for the future of our companies. As young wine entrepreneurs, we occupy a privileged observation point, which allows us to intercept their trends and curiosity, but also to respond to their specific needs and consumption patterns”.

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