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Wine and stocks, the trend is not reversed: in April 56.6 million hectoliters, +5% compared to 2022

The Cantina Italia report confirms the figure already recorded in March. This makes producers worry, as they begin to speak of “crisis distillation”
Lots of wine in Italian cellars (ph: bearfotos from Freepik)

If the weather casts more and more uncertainty on vineyards and agriculture as a whole, the certainties, for the world of wine, in this first part of the year, seem to come, unfortunately, from a market that, both on the domestic and export fronts, has the handbrake pulled. Confirmation that also comes from cellar stocks, which, as already noted as of March 30, 2023, also as of April 30 remain more than 5% higher than the same period in 2022, with 56.6 million hectoliters of wine in the cellar, of which more than 52% PDO and 27% PGI. Thus the latest Cantina Italia report, published by the Ministry of Agriculture.
A picture that, as already reported in recent days, is beginning to worry producers, especially in some territories, in view of a harvest that, net of seasonal trends, is likely to begin in two-three months. So much so that, in recent days, at the Wine Table convened by the Ministry of Agriculture, they have begun to talk about “emergency distillation”,
as has already happened in France and Spain, with visions, however, different, such as that of the Italian Wine Union (UIV), which would like it to be financed, possibly, only by regional funds, where the situation requires it, and the Cooperatives, which, in stressing the need for a more structural plan, in the medium term, to rebalance supply and demand, show themselves to be more inclined and call for an open discussion on the issue.

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