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Wine, if the sustainability reports of the wineries become instruments of territorial management

There are many wineries that invest in sustainability at 360 degrees, few (but growing) put it on paper. Like Castello Banfi, in Montalcino
The vineyards of Castello Banfi, leader of Brunello di Montalcino (ph Lucio Gelsi)

Investing in the sustainability of the company means investing in the territory, trying to improve from the environmental point of view, but not only. It means improving the conditions of those who live and work in the area, it means supporting cultural and social activities that go far beyond the borders of their company. Concepts that make more and more breach in the modus operandi of "enlightened" wineries, that more and more often (but still few, compared to those that for years have been concretely committed to the theme of sustainability at 360 degrees) also put in on papers the results of this process, publishing their "sustainability reports" that, in a way, can become real tools to think, inspired by virtuous cases, the development of the territories. From Mezzacorona to Venica, from Ruffino to Caviro, to mention a few cases, even very different from each other. Among these, there is also Castello Banfi, leader of the Brunello di Montalcino territory, which has been working on the subject for years. By setting up many actions that, in 2018, for example, led to the saving of 42,000 cubic meters of water, and to the reuse of another 69,000 cubic meters of purified water, to the saving of e million kilowatt-hours of electricity, to the cutting of 2,000 tons of Co2 input, to the recovery of 62% of waste produced. Actions possible thanks to concrete investments, such as 1 million euros (+12% on 2017) in research and development projects, 180,000 analyses on products and plants and so on. To which should be added 200,000 euros of investment (+12.5% over 2017) in sports and cultural activities open to the territory, from the historic festival that combines music and wine, “Jazz & Wine in Montalcino”, to Sanguis Jovis - High School of Sangiovese.

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