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Wine partnerships, Terre Cevico strengthens its collaboration with Orion Wines

The Emilia Cooperative that has a turnover of 160 million euros becomes the property of the Trento company that produces wines from all over Italy
Terre Cevico strengthens its collaboration with Orion Wines (photo Terre Cevico)

The stories and properties of Italian wine companies are becoming increasingly intertwined to become stronger, even when they are very different levels. For instance, the Terre Cevico Cooperative Consortium, one of the big names in Italian wine cooperatives (the consortium has an aggregate turnover of 160 million euros, and consists of 5.000 families of winemakers who cultivate 7.000 hectares of vineyards, and 20 wineries, and whose headquarters are in Emilia Romagna, Lugo, and Ravenna), following a ten-year collaboration especially on Apulian and Sicilian wines, has joined the team of Orion Wines, a company based in Lavis, in the Trentino area, which produces wines from all the most important Italian regions (founded in 2010, it has a turnover of 30 million euros).
It is “a partnership agreement”, explained a note, “to enhance, in the wake of sustainability, the wines that the two companies produce and market on world markets. The two companies have been collaborating for several years, especially on Apulian and Sicilian wines. The strongest component is organic, sustainability and total attention to enhancing the territories of origin. The relationship has developed very much naturally, respecting the identity and history of both companies, which today has become official. They are two very different companies, starting from the corporate form, but they are absolutely complementary and united in the same vision. It is an almost perfect integration of marketing, commercial and oenological expertise, which come together to achieve greater visibility and interest of the consumer, thanks to searching for the highest quality of their wines”.
“It is a natural step, after years of successful collaborations and joint projects, which have led to a mutual desire to bind the two companies more”, commented Marco Nannetti, president of Terre Cevico.
“This partnership will allow us to face the increasingly challenging demands of the markets in a stronger and more structured way, using an approach focused completely on sustainability”, added Alessandro Michelon (Orion Wines).

The two companies explained that the collaboration is based on shared values, “sustainable wines, respect for the environment and people, respect for biodiversity and the quality profiles of the area of ​​origin and commitment to the production of wines that allow you to make the most of your land”.

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